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Automated Driveway Gate, Pedestrian Door and Trellis, West Vancouver

A recent driveway gate project we are particularly proud of is this automated driveway closure, pedestrian door, and matching trellis. 

This unique driveway gate design was originally found online by our clients while they were searching different gate layouts. Our team took that driveway gate design idea and, with the help of autocad, put together a proposal that not only captured the look they were after, but also offered the function that worked best on their property. This driveway gate and pedestrian door setup is aluminum in construction, along with the trellis, to lower the overall weight and to add longevity to the products.  

This driveway entrance setup was locally manufactured, designed and fabricated in our Surrey workshop.  The gates and trellis were powder coated in Burnaby and installed to complement a luxury custom home in West Vancouver.We take great pride in the fact that our driveway gates and gate products have always stood apart from the rest. 
It’s safe to say that the final product once again exceeded even our own expectations, with this gated closure leaving yet another customer extremely happy with their experience.  

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